List of Major Terror Attacks 1968 – 2002


Date Location Target Type Act Victim(s) & Damage Perpetrators
7/23/1968 Rome El Al aircraft Hijacking Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – Three members
11/22/1968 Jerusalem, Israel Open market shoppers Bombing 12 killed
2/18/1969 Zurich Switzerland El Al aircraft Armed Assault Copilot killed
2/21/1969 Jerusalem Bomb blast killed and eight injured
8/29/1969 TWA 707 aircraft Hijacking to Damascus, Syria Palestinian terrorist
9/29/1969 Flying from Rome to Lodi Italy TWA aircraft Hijacking to Damascus, Syria
11/27/1969 Athens, Greece El Al office Armed Assault Innocent bystanders were killed
2/10/1970 Munich airport Airport passenger transfer bus Armed Assault Palestinian terrorist
2/21/1970 Flight to Israel Swissair aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion Palestinian terrorists
4/21/1970 Philippines Philippines aircraft Bomb 36 aboard killed
5/22/1970 Israeli Armed Assault Eight Israeli school children killed Arab terrorist
9/6/1970 El Al plane Jordanian desert. 4 El Al aircraft Hijacking to Jordanian Desert 3 succeeded, 1 thwarted
1/26/1972 Yugoslav aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion  people killed (all but one passengeron board)
5/30/1972 Lod airport Armed Assault 24 people killed Palestinians terrorist – Japanese terrorist recruited by Palestinians
7/21/1972 Downtown Belfast 22 bombs exploded 11 people killed
9/5/1972 Olympic games in Munich Isreali atheletes at the Olympic Games Armed Assault Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team killed Black September an arm of the PLO led by Yasser Arafat
2/23/1973 Over the Sinai desert Libyan aircraft Israel shoots down fearing it was a flying bomb Libya (Israeli self defense?)
3/8/1973 London, England 2 IRA bombs 1 person killed, 200 injured IRA
8/5/1973 TWA aircraft Armed Assault 5 people killed Libyan terrorist group
9/8/1974 flying from Athens to Rome TWA aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion 85 passengers killed (all on-board) Libyan terrorist group
11/21/1974 Birmingham England Series of bombs 21 people killed IRA
9/30/1975 Hungarian aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion 64 people killed (all on board)
1/1/1976 Lebanese aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion 82 people killed (all on board)
6/24/1976 Air France aircraft Hijacked to Uganda Israeli later stages a daring rescue mission to free the hostages.
3/12/1978 Israeli bus Armed Assault 37 Israeli people killed Palestinian terrorists
11/04/1979 Tehran Iran United States of America Embassy Armed Assault / Abduction 52 USA citizens are held hostage for 444 days Iran
A group of Iranian students who were angry at the United States attacked and seized its embassy in Tehran, Iran. They were supported by the countries leader, Ayatollah Khomeini.
4/19/1981 Davao Philippines Armed Assault 13 people killed and 177 injured
07/18/1982 Beirut, Lebanon United States of America Citizens Armed Assault / Abduction / Torture / Killing
the first of a decade-long campaign of kidnappings
18 USA citizens would be held hostage during the campaign, 3 USA citizens would be murdered.

Abduction, torture and killing of U.S. marine Richard Higgins, his body was shown hanging in a videotape made by the terrorists.

David Dodge, president of the American University of Beirut, is kidnapped by guerrillas later released.

William Buckley, a U.S. Embassy political officer, kidnapped and eventually murdered.

Organization of the Oppressed on Earth Intelligence reports have suggested that abduction was actually carried out by Iranian-backed Hezbollah (Party of God) guerrillas operating in Lebanon. Experts believe that Hezbollah used the term “Organization of the Oppressed on Earth” as a code name. Hezbollah has denied involvement in both the kidnappings and the killings.
8/6/1982 Paris, France kosher restaurant Armed Assault 8 People killed
4/18/1983 Beirut, Lebanon United States of America Embassy Armed Assault 83 people killed
9/29/1983 Gulf Air aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion 166 people killed (all on board) Islamic Jihad ( controlled by Syria)
Beirut, Lebanon United States of America Military Personnel Truck bomb 241 US Marines killed
9/20/1984 Beirut, Lebanon United States of America Embassy Truck bomb 15 people killed
6/23/1985 Air India 747 aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion 345 people killed (all on board) Sikh terrorist
10/7/1985 Italian Cruise ship the Achillo Laura Hijacking Palestinian terrorists
9/5/1986 Pan Am aircraft Hijacking 20 people are killed Palestinian terrorists
12/21/1988 Lockerbie Scotland Pan Am flight 103 aircraft Bomb – in flight explosion 259 people killed (all on board) Libyan terrorist group
3/17/1992 Buenos Aires Israeli embassy Bomb 29 people killed Argentine Police Department was ruled complicit by their court
2/26/1993 World Trade Center New York City, NY USA Bomb – explodes in the basement 6  people are killed
1,000 injured
Al Queda
7/27/1993 Milan Italy Car bomb 5  people killed
7/18/1994 Buenos Aires Bomb 26 people killed
Seven-story building that housed a Jewish cultural center and was also used by a group of researchers studying Argentinean government files on Nazi war-criminals that had entered Argentina after World War II. 150 people injured
3/20/1995 Tokyo, Japan Rail station / Subway Nerve gas is released 12 people killed
4/19/1995 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA Alfred P Murrah Federal office building Bomb 168 people killed
8/7/1998 Mairobi Kenya United States of America Embassy Bomb
Dar es Salamm Tanzania
8/2001 Eagon, MN USA Accused of being the intended 20th hijacker on 9/11 Al Queda – USA citizen Zacarias Moussaoui
9/2001 Detroit & Dearborn, MI United States of America Economy Accused of being part of a sleeper operational combat cell. Economic terrorism, recruit and train terrorists, set up safe houses and gather intelligence about terror targets. Militant Islamic movement, allied with al Qaeda.
Karim Koubriti, Ahmed Hannan, Farouk Ali-Haimoud and Abdel-Ilah Elmardoudi (Abdella)
9/11/2001 New York City, NY USA World Trade Center Aircraft hijacked and flown into building Over 3000 people killed Al Queda
Fairfax, VA USA Pentagon 168 ???
12/2001  Peoria, IL Accused of falsely denying his contacts with Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, one of the 9/11 organizers based in the United Arab Emirates Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri
Accomplice of Al Queda 9/11 organizers
12/2001 Ann Arbor, MI Accused of funneling money to terrorists via the Global Relief Foundation Rabih Haddad
Global Relief Foundation
3/2002 Northern VA & GA Money laundering and funding terrorist organizations 15 warrants executed against several businesses MarJac Investments, Mar-Jac Poultry, Reston Investments, SAAR Foundation, Safa Trust and Sterling Management Group; nonprofit organizations (including the Fiqh Council of North America, Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, International Institute of Islamic Thought, International Islamic Relief Organization and Muslim World League), and four homes, all connected to M. Yaqub Mizra, accused of laundering money for al Qaeda or other terrorist groups.
4/2002 Justice, IL Money laundering and funding terrorist organizations Enaam Arnaout, accused of funneling money to al Qaeda and other terrorist organization
4/2002 New York New York City landmarks Accused of passing messages between Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (serving a life sentence for his part in an attempt to blow up New York City landmarks) and his followers Mohammed Yousry, Ahmed Abdel Sattar and Yassir Al-Sirri aiding Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman
10/11/20 02 United States of America Embassy and French Embassy Suicide bomber A man wearing a vest with explosives set off a metal detector at a crowded beachfront cafe, fled and then was captured by U.S. Embassy guards before he could detonate the device Palestinian terrorists


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