Survival Is Rarely Pretty or Peaceful – Ask Nicolo Machiavelli


Machiavelli realized that, when carefully studying history, the good guy almost always finishes last.

There is something to be said for the principle of fighting for your survival. Religious and political voices counsel us every day how to be submissive and for the most part docile. Most first world societies have been brainwashed into a relentless act of altruism, self-loathing and guilt. Aggression has been “bred” out of us. Such social engineering has been used throughout man’s history under the guise of civility and peace. Really, it is to assure that the dominance of a government or group over others.

If you think that you understand strategic social interactions, politics, or survival then you better know Machiavelli.

The first thing that every survival minded person must do is learn how to override that training. If you truly wish to survive any major conflict or social upheaval then you need to understand Machiavelli's principles. A Nicolo Machiavelli primer is provided below, along with his two, seminal works.


Executive Summary:

Anyone who wishes to protect their nation, way of life, liberty, and freedom, should acquaint themselves with the Machiavellian principles. I suggest that you begin with “The Prince”. (see the PDF below)

His principles (in the supporting materials below) will offend the sensibilities of some who are highly religious. I recommend that you force yourself past it. The perceptions and well rooted historical basis upon which they were formed are easily validated by millennia.

Machiavelli served as a diplomat in Italy's Florentine Republic for fourteen years. Upon the return of the exiled Medic family and the fall of the Republic Machiavelli studied Roman history. Licking his wounds at the collapse of the Republic he wrote his most notable treatise, The Prince. In the Prince he outlined the harsh realities of what it requires to maintain and assure the longevity of a monarchy or a government.

Machiavelli is known as the "Father of Modern Political Theory". The Prince illuminated the necessity of ruling by deceit, fear, and in some cases force. Pope Clement VIII condemned the premise. Interestingly, the Catholic Church had been practicing nearly identical methods to protect, grow, and maintain their control over their nation state colonies around the world, all done for the “greater good” (God’s will).

Machiavelli was well read and quite worldly for his time. In 1521 he penned an interesting treatise "On the Art of War".  The Prince and Click here to download "On the Art of War".

 Supporting Materials:


  • May 3, 1469 - Jun 21, 1527 Florence, (Italy) Republic of Florence
  • Diplomat, Politician, Historian, Philosopher, Humanist, Writer
  • "Father of Modern Political Theory"

Machiavelli’s Principles:

  • Separate Politics/Government from Religion
    • Machiavelli challenged the core underlying religious convictions of everyone. He challenged the logic and historical evidence of religious moral convictions at the heart of “man”.
  • There are no friends in politics
  • The “effectual truth”
    • Allies in politics, whether at home or abroad, are not friends
  • Whoever imagines allies are friends ensures his ruin rather than his preservation
  • The virtues taught in our secular and religious schools are incompatible with the virtues one must practice to safeguard those same institutions.
  • The power of the lion and the cleverness of the fox: These are the qualities a leader must harness to preserve the republic.
  • Leaders must at times inspire fear not only in their foes but even in their allies — and even in their own ministers.
  • The proper aim of a leader is to maintain his state
  • Politics is an environment where
    • Acting virtuously often leads to the ruin of a state.
    • Pursuing what appears to be vice results in security and well-being.
  • Leaders must understand that the ability to make difficult decisions carefully weighing the best of bad choices is what is required to achieve the most good.

“I pour myself out as fully as I can in meditation on the subject, discussing what a principality is, what kinds there are, how they can be acquired, how they can be kept, why they are lost:” Nicolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli set social precepts on their collective ears. He broke the standard of the time; separating Politics/Government from Religion. The response to Machiavelli’s words were condemnation and outrage. He never urged evil for evil’s sake. He realized that, when carefully studying history, the good guy almost always finishes last.

 The Prince and Click here to download "On the Art of War".



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