Casus belli – Establishing a Case for War

What is Casus belli?

It is a Latin expression meaning "an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war" (literally, "a case of war").

Moral Nihilism says that there are no facts about which actions are right or wrong.

When does a civilized society determine that a situation has reached Casus belli? The past century and a half of Western history would seem to prove that the answer is simple; a knee-jerk reaction to a lie or deceptive report of cause, Casus belli. Free, peaceful societies, do not attack other nations without provocation. Those with interests in war, conquest, or conflict; constantly, either consciously, or subconsciously work to create Casus belli. It is not as simple as saying that anyone doing so is "evil". Those creating the elaborate ruse, lie, or confabulation do not always do so with "evil" intent. Taking a nation to war or an act of military intervention is an extremely weighty decision. There are human lives and often the survival of entire nations in the balance. Sometimes the aurguement can be made, justifiably so, that finding Casus belli is a good and just cause. Western societies have one major threat to their own survival. That threat is "Moral Nihilism". Free societies "need proof", absolute proof that there is "no other option". That is moral nihilism 

Free societies don't attack others because they are too busy with "life", often the fine details of life. The age old idiom; "You can't see the forest for the trees" comes to mind. People are so busy looking at little things that they don't see the tanks on the other side. The problem is compounded by the fact that they don't want to be bothered with complex details and explanations. They are too busy with Facebook. The demand by free societies to reach the "bar" of absolute, incontrovertible facts, i.e. "proof" is an impossible conundrum. Their application of moral nihilism instantly makes such "proof" impossible. (Refer to the quote above in the box.)

The reality of the world is that there are many nations who are not free, not distracted, and the only way they believe that they will attain what free nations have is to take it. That is the often existential threat looming in the shadows. The threat, complex, not immediately evident left to rest may cause widespread death, suffering, and losses that would shock those who are not interested in the details. If you have any doubt imagine how the world would look today had the USA not been "drawn" into World War II. China and Japan would both still be routing the world as imperialist nations. Germany; a technological, hyper advanced, socialist war machine would be in total control of Africa and maybe South America. We will never know. I am not justifying, I am simply saying that the debate is not so cut and dry.

Pulitzer and Hearst used their two prominent newspapers to push the USA into the Spanish-American War. They did so through the use of a cartoon, the "Yellow Boy", thus the incident has come to be known as Yellow Journalism. Their Casus Belli was solely in the interest of their financial gains. They should have been prosecuted and jailed for their misdeeds. Instead "journalists" receive Pulitzer Prizes for their "exemplary work" in the field. Is that award for the same level of fraud and deception?

Fast forward to the US' entry into World War II with Pearl Harbor. It common knowledge within the military that the US armed forces knew of the plan to attack Pearl Harbor more than two weeks prior. The belief is that the attack would be the necessary provocation to justify Casus Belli. It is argued that no one believed the attack would be successful, as we know it was devastating. The USA was operating covertly in Vietnam since the early 1950’s. But when Johnson took office the CIA pressured him to transition into full combat. They constructed the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” where the NVA attacked a Navy ship. That incident was used to launch us into the war. It is predictable.

The question is why? Why lie? Why confabulate a scenario to start war? The answer might lie in that fact that less than 20% are ever “moved” enough to act to change their situation. Like the lies that provoke wars, when people are starving and suffering. During the Bolshevik Revolution a horrendous number of people died. Only a few fought back. It sadly is human nature. Only the true Alpha Dominants toil and plot to break free and fight back. The majority of people are happy to start a fight as long as someone else fights it.

If reports prove true, the contents of the FBI staff 50,000 text messages that went missing around January 22, 2018 from the FBI investigations will upend the world. It will shock the sensibilities of even the most hardened of people's sensibilities. But reality has it that moral nihilism will take control. No one's arm is being ripped off or car blown up. The moral nihilist approach will discount even the most horrendous of acts saying that there are "NO FACTS", it is all perception. The bombshell revelations are claimed to include a plan to utilize foreign actors to "terminate" the Presi dent or the USA. Reports say that that claim is the least of the revelations to come from the documents. They say that the actors in the texts had determined Casus Belli is within the documents. These plans are reported to involve people throughout the government and in high level positions of law enforcement too. Moral relativism and nihilism will run rampant. Thoughful people should consider moral absolutism:

  • Moral absolutism
    • There are facts about which actions are right and wrong, and these facts do not depend on the perspective, opinion, or anything about the person who happens to be describing those facts.

If these claims prove true, it will challenge the average person's entire belief structure in government and the integrity of those within it. It is very important that the average person hold fast to the idea that the "line" personnel on the front lines, on the street, are not all bad. No large group of people is free from bad actors. The worst of the corruption and misdeeds is found in the political appointments and career "management" figures. There are many dedicated, law abiding, hard working people who work to protect, support, and aid us every day. Remember, DO NOT PAINT ALL WITH THE SAME BRUSH. JUDGE EACH PERSON INDIVIDUALLYThe good ones may be the only ones who can save you.