There is no disaster when you are prepared™

The articles posted here and on our other websites are intended as a primer for you to attain self-reliance, preparedness, and survival

Most of the problems that plague us politically, governmentally, and socially, share basic common factors. If you have the "code", our problems rarely are that complex, no matter what pundits say. To that end, Will has posted an excerpt from his book "Survival Mind", the core code; Will's Universal Maxims.

We hope that these universal maxims will inspire and enhance your life while increasing your survival quotient. There is no silver bullet. These Universal Maxims, faithfully applied to daily challenges, they will help you short circuit the normal repetitive tail chasing of life.

All of the articles on our websites originate from a balanced, unbiased (as much as humanly possible), Jeffersonian perspective intended to build a mindset and skill set to better your every day preparedness and survival. is set aside for Will (and his close associate's) and serves as a companion to his Podcast/Radio Show Located at -

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